Our Philosophy

When The Real Deal published a feature that exposed systemic racial profiling against Black sellers at a prominent New York real estate brokerage, Shalinthia (Sha) Miles-Smith became the target of workplace microaggressions, discrimination and industry blacklisting.


Shalinthia Miles Smith Company (SMS Company) is a fully insured, certified NYS/NYC MWBE consulting firm with a specialization in strategic media services.

Purpose-Driven Professionals

We prioritize principles by implementing a highly selective process to identify and select "ideal fit" clients and opportunities that inspire us and align with our values and service model.

Passion is Our Priority

What's the ROI?

At SMS Company (ROI) is not merely a financial indicator of return on investment, it is a performance metric measuring how we recreate ongoing impact .

At SMS Company, inspirational advertising and marketing is more than how we make a living; it is how we make a difference.